Joint design : efplan Yoshiaki Furuno

Use: Shop

Location: Kuriyama, Hokkaido

Site area : 383.38㎡

Total area : 250.49㎡

Construction : Yamazaki Construction

Structure : K - Office Hiroki Hosono

It is a plan to rebuild a long-established flower shop in Kuriyama Town.

The site faces Chuo-dori, which is the main road of the town, and although the intersection with Minami-Odori is near and a little far from the shopping district, it is a relatively busy place near the government office and elementary school. Two client houses are lined up on the north side of the adjacent land, and there are stores in a row.

In addition to retail sales, we also made flower arrangements for ceremonial occasions, so we were first asked for a large workshop.

A 7m x 8m single-layer pillar-free space that can be taken with a 450mm beam, which is wooden and pre-cut, is placed on the east side, which is deep from the road surface, and the remaining sales floor, arrangement classroom, and sales floor are on the west road side. It is a two-story building with a multipurpose space that will be part of the building.


A sales floor space will also be provided at the stairs landing on the 1.5th floor to maintain the continuity of the space to the 2nd floor, and by providing an opening in the two-story wall cut into the northwest part, the northwest side, which is the center of the city. It will be a show window for.


The sales floor is made of earthen walls and furniture made of solid wood to give it an authentic interior, but it is also changed by using furniture made of curved lines.


The main plasterer-finished outer wall was cut into a house shape, and windows, holes and pouches leading to the outside were provided to form an iconic façade. Instead of setting up a large signboard, we aimed to create a building in which the appearance of the outside and inside changes by having a different elevation from the surrounding buildings, and the elevation itself becomes a sign that reflects the store.