How to proceed in the design

Please feel free to contact us

Feel free If you have worried about even a little contact us please. No problem for distant people. Please tell us your story. Consultations and interviews are held free of charge.

(In the case of a distant place, we may request only transportation expenses)

You can also use a videophone such as ZOOM.

1. Please tell us your request

We will listen to the image you have during the meeting conversation.

You don't have to have a concrete image.

2. How to build your budget and select place

For financial planning, if you want to plan your budget comfortably, you can also introduce a financial planner. (* A separate contract is required with the other party) We can also cooperate with land selection.

3. We will organize and propose your wishes and conditions

We will examine the legal requirements and propose a simple proposal. (About 2-3 weeks)

Even if the site is not decided, we will propose on the assumed land.

4. Exchange design contract

First proposal is free. If you like it, or if you think you can proceed, please contact us.

We think that the design fee is about 10% of the construction cost.

(It depends on the scale and the amount of money)

* Unfortunately, if you do not agree, please return the proposal documents.

5. Basic design / implementation design

We will continue to discuss the proposed proposal with the customer and refine the proposal. At the same time, we will begin to consider facilities and structures. We will also make an estimate in parallel. While designing, we will discuss how to use materials efficiently and how to deal with small parts during construction, leading to economical and bold proposals.

6. Submission of confirmation application, quotation adjustment, and construction contract

We will submit a confirmation application to the applicant organization when the proposal is finalized. We will also adjust the quotation at the final closing stage. When the application is completed and the amount of money has been collected, the contract will be signed with a construction company (Takase Construction).

How to proceed construction


7. Groundbreaking ceremony, foundation work, pile work

We will hold a groundbreaking ceremony when the construction begins. (Optional) In that case, we and the owner will also give a neighborhood greeting. Foundation work (pile work depends on the condition of the land) enters and the work begins. On the design side, we will supervise the construction, including the inspection of the reinforcement of the foundation (whether the reinforcing bar is in the correct position or whether it is bent significantly).

8. How to build, sash installation, heat insulating material, roof outer wall construction

When the foundation is completed, the columns and beams that will be the framework of the building will be applied to form the outer wall and roof so that it will not be affected by wind and rain from the outside. At this time, the heat insulating material that will be the outer covering is also applied at the same time. It will be the upper building at this point. We will also take a defect insurance inspection at this point to see if there are any structural defects.

9. Inner wall work / equipment Electric heating work

When the outer circumference is over, the inner wall (mainly plaster board), floor, and ceiling are constructed. At the same time, equipment piping, electrical wiring, and heating piping are also performed at this time.

10. Painting work, plastering work, joinery work

After finishing the interior groundwork, painting, plastering work and joinery work will start next.

11. Final finishing, completion inspection, delivery

The final finishing is done by attaching toilets, washbasins, lighting equipment, etc. After these are completed, they will be handed over to the customer after undergoing a completion inspection and passing.


After maintenance

12.1 year inspection, etc.

If you have any problems after delivery, please feel free to contact us.

One year after delivery, we will inspect for one year.